Monday, March 3, 2008

Think Spring

Spring is in the air - at least that is what the weatherman said the other day. However, today is another story. By late afternoon the wind will have blown through bringing with it those showers and colder temperatures that tell us Spring was just a dream. As I walk around the shop ( this morning I see that I don't have to be at the mercy of the weatherman or the weather itself. Almost everywhere I look I can see the promise of another fluffy white cloud and ray of warmth from the sunshine.
Inside we can still have that faint hint of warmer weather and clear blue skies in almost any room we choose to look. Make that bed up with some soft green and pink sheets sprinkled with leaves and small flowers, such as this lovely one by Yves Delorme ( Put a bucket of Lily of the Valley (yes, they are "faux" but for the effect they produce they can't be beat) in a corner and watch it light up the room. Open a drawer in a dark old storage chest and lay down some liners that just sing Spring each time you glance inside. And the wonderfully fresh scent of Verbena will convince you that Spring can't be all that far away ( Lastly, who can resist a beautiful bowl when it is one from Mustardseed and Moonshine ( - and especially when it is the beautiful Day Lily bowl. Surely this will make you smile each time you use it or just pass by where you have placed it on a low table to show off its brilliant color. This everyday will indeed be special!

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