Wednesday, March 26, 2008

A Real Lemon

Somewhere, some time ago, someone dreamt up a new utensil and out of need came the lemon fork. We can probably count on the fingers of one hand the number of times we have actually used such an implement. But almost every sterling silver pattern or silverplate pattern has just such a fork in its inventory. What exactly do these things actually do? I will be attending a "tea" one day soon, and I suspect that there I might just find one hanging about with sugar tongs, tea diffusers, gallery trays, and some teaspoons.

I have used my lemon forks for all manner of stuff - from stabbing at olives in a small bowl to unravelling sardines on a plate. I am sure that we could all come up with at least 10 more interesting things we could find to do with the lemon fork. They are rather cute little things, all shiny and delicate and just waiting for us to put them to good use. I have taken some of the more interesting ones that I have here in the shop and put them out for you to see. What wonderful ideas do you have for the little lemon fork that can make it one of those quirky luxuries that make our everyday special??

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