Monday, March 10, 2008

Let Them Eat Cake...or Pie

Sometimes it isn't what you are serving that makes the difference, it is the way in which you serve. And that brings us to the topic of flatware serving pieces. Pie servers, cake servers, serving spoons, meat forks and pierced serving spoons. There is just something rather magical about the shine of sterling silver and silverplated pieces. They can take the ordinary into the realm of the truly mystical. Imagine your pleasure at picking up that spoon or knife and feeling the smoothness of the silver. Imagine the tickle on your finger of the pattern that is carved or etched into the surfaces and made even more impressive by the years of patina and , yes, tarnish that slides into the deep recesses of that pattern. Brand spanking new silver is always a treat, but it is the time worn pieces that truly show their beauty. A bit of history at the table each day only helps to center us in the "right now" of the present. When we receive such pieces as gifts it is almost a part of the routine that we won't really appreciate them until much time has passed. One day we dig into the drawers that shelter our treasure and we bring them to light. At once, we see something that we can use - perhaps for its intended purpose, perhaps not. And what difference does it make? To enjoy them most, we must use them more. And each time we do, that same smile slides across our face.
I have shown here just a few examples of the wonderful pieces that we have collected and hope that they are passed on to future recipients with a good wish and a good recipe. I can think of no finer gift for a new bride, a new homeowner, a budding chef, a dreamer of dreams, or just the guy next door! Give us a call and we will be happy to help you discover new and exciting ways to use your old and treasured pieces. These are some of the best ways to make everyday special!

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