Friday, March 28, 2008

The Lamp

When you think about them, lamps are really such multi-purpose objects. Primarily they serve the function of providing light, either task or ambient. And when you need one, there is no getting around it. Then the task begins of hunting one down, finding the appropriate spot to place it, and then stepping back to admire it. After that lamp is placed on its perch, the real fun begins. This same functional object now becomes a work of art - setting the tone for the rest of the room. It serves as sculpture in many instances. In other places, a simple lamp creates a focal point that quickly becomes a conversational subject. The right lamp can introduce color, form, and dimension into an otherwise blank spot. Some of my favorite lamps are those created by Elaine Gleason of New Orleans. Each one has an organic feel that is at home in almost any setting - bedside, in a foyer, atop a desk, or just at hand on a credenza or chest in the kitchen or dining room. The subtle tones of the metallic finishes give a glow that is reminiscent of the sun sinking below the horizon over the river on a sultry Crescent City evening. We love these lamps and have them everywhere we can in our home and at New Orleans At Home. An Elaine Gleason lamp is one of those quirky luxuries that will help make your everyday special!

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