Monday, March 24, 2008

The Color of Spring

Spring comes in many colors - but green is the one that leads the parade. Green calls out to us in many different ways. The green of the grass in full sun is a far cry from the green in the shade under the canopy of the newly leaved trees. A full range of green can be seen in the vista viewed across a front yard into the neighbor's gardens. Green provides the backdrop to the rainbow of flowers yet to blossom. Green is the whisper of a promise of what is yet to come. Green is the color we use indoors as well as outdoors to create an environment that is relaxing, cool, and that becomes the base for our punch of contrasting color. Green is one of the "neutrals" that allows us to paint with a bold stroke as we introduce the full rainbow onto our canvas and into our homes. Green is what we choose when we begin our quest for something that will highlight the "gem". That gem might be the perfect rose, a casual daisy, or just a small violet peeking out from under its leaves. Whatever catches our fancy, it often comes wrapped in nature's giftwrap of green. And whatever it is, it is certainly one of those things that helps to make our everyday special!

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