Friday, February 15, 2008

Show Me Some Style

Whenever I look at a piece of well-used silver or a piece of vintage linen I am struck by the beauty not only of the exquisite design, but also of the detail and style of the monogram so carefully placed on the item. Monograms are, for me, a design element in themselves. They add to the value of certain pieces because of their personalization for the owner whose mark is shown. When studying these various pieces of history it is always interesting to note the differing styles used and how they might be reflective of the socio-economic as well as historic importance of the era. In the shop I have many really quaint pieces that are "perfect" despite the mystery of their intended use or previous ownership. I have chosen them because of their visual delight, and their capacity to "sing" to me as I gaze at them. I have included some examples of ones that are of particular interest to me and I hope that you enjoy looking at them. An interesting area to investigate would be archives of "pop" music for the same time. Perhaps a visit to Google is in order again!!

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