Monday, February 18, 2008

Black and White

Black and White is a combination that has been used throughout time. Just recently in a trade publication I read that once again this particular duo will be one of the highlights and darlings in the fashion trade as well as the lifestyle-homefurnishings-decorative accessories branches of design. When seeking the perfect backdrop for a color or accent piece the eye almost always demands the black/white combo. Pastels, brights, primary or dominant - there is no hue that is not enhanced by the infusion of the contrast of black/white. On the table top this can be achieved by use of particular linens or ceramic pieces. One of my favorite sources for the ceramic art is the work of Frances Palmer Pottery. Taking classic designs and lines and giving them an artistic twist is the particular quirky talent of Frances Palmer. Visit her website to see what she is doing with this most basic element of design - I have included some pictures of pieces that I have here in the shop from her Pearl Collection which is manufactured from molds cast of her hand thrown pieces. They are certainly utilitarian with the added benefit of just being plain beautiful. And I defy anyone to resist the temptation to just reach out and run you finger around the shapes and forms. Her works fall into that class of magic things that certainly make an everyday special. Just imagine yourself holding one of her mugs as you take that first sip of cafe au lait and set your dreams and plans on their way!

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