Friday, February 22, 2008

Art Is Where You Find It

Sometimes you just want to grab a brush and start moving that paint around the canvas. And sometimes the paint just moves around on its own. It has always been interesting to me to see where the spirit takes me when I am trying to paint. I say "trying" because there are some of us who do paint, and do it quite well, and then some like me who just "try". I think that we really don't know what we are doing, and in fact, we aren't so much doing anything as much as we are letting the something do itself. I may start out with a particular picture in my head, but what ends up on the canvas is almost never what I intended it to be. Here are two of my latest efforts at putting the paint on the canvas. They are so very different from what I usually do - pastoral scenes of favorite spots from pictures and memories of travels, more often than not of Italy. These, however, just popped themselves onto the canvas and there they are. Art is where you find it --- or really, where it finds you! Pick up a brush, slosh on some paint, and see where you find it!

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