Tuesday, February 26, 2008

A Riot of Color

Color on the table makes for an interesting conversation. One of the suggested colors for a dining room wall is red or some variation thereof. It is said to stimulate conversation and excite the palate. If repainting your walls red is out of the question, it is easy enough to introduce the color into the room in other ways. Accessories are one really good way to accomplish the insertion of the excitement factor. One of my favorite things is the napkin ring or napkin holder. They are not much used these days, at least not as they once were. Once upon a time, it was the napkin ring that served as the identifying marker for each persons napkin and place at the table. When napkins were used for more than one meal, a way to determine one napkin from another was essential. Today, the napkin ring has been elevated to a star position when the tone is being set for the meal. Napkin rings can set the stage for the entire table drama. From sterling bands with gracious monograms to bejeweled and glittery ropes of beads, the napkin ring can easily take the ordinary and make it special!

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