Monday, February 25, 2008

It's Only Soap

It's only soap and you probably don't think about it too often. Except, perhaps, when the soap dish is empty. Then the fun begins. Exactly what does that bar of soap do for you, anyway. You look at it everytime you stand by the sink. Why not look at something with some pizazz, some sparkle, some humor, and some beauty. Let's pick some soap with a really wondrous texture and feel to it. Let's chose one for its great color. Let that special fragrance take you back to the fields of France or Italy. Or to the beach and its clear, crisp scent. Or maybe, for a little smile or two, let's pretend and chose an egg shape to drop carefully into a nest shaped dish to cradle it on the counter. Have some fun with that soap!

1 comment:

Ketutar said...

I love your site! I have advertised a little, hope more people find it :-)

Hugs and good luck to your efforts to beautify the world :-)