Saturday, March 7, 2009

Where Were You Last Night?

That could be a leading question, I know, but I was really hoping that everyone will have as fantastic an answer as I do. Last night was the opening of a new exhibit at Ann Connelly Fine Art here in Baton Rouge. Ann Connelly has long been the "home" gallery for many Baton Rouge and New Orleans artists. Some of my very favorites hang there - Donna West, Amanda Talley, Karoline Schleh, Amy James and a lot of new favorites! Last night was especially gratifying because I bumped into (quite literally) Libby Johnson in whose studio I used to paint. I drive past the studio every day on the way home from the shop, and each time I promise myself that I am going to drop in and hang out. Something must be in the air right now, because I actually put the brush to the canvas myself yesterday and am here this morning at it again. And for Libby to invite me back into the studio with her groups is just such a wonderful thing. I have been smiling ever since! And trying to figure out how I can schedule it so that I can get back to one of my most favorite things that I do (or don't as the case has been for the last 3 years). There is something just so energetic about being surrounded by creativity - and my mind takes off and sometimes I fear there won't be a landing anytime soon. Last night was no exception.

So today I am finishing up one canvas and trying to work through another. When I say working through that is exactly what I mean. I have never really worked with acrylics and so everything I do is an experiment. Some are real flops and some have some hope for them. I just chuck them behind the freezer - whoops can't do that anymore since that freezer died and moved out of the laundry room! Maybe behind the armoire at the shop - no one would ever discover them there!

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