Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Where to Start??

It is easy enough to say I am going to weed this stuff out of here, but exactly where do I start this task? A look around tells me that I can jump in anywhere - just depends on what method I plan to use. Should I start with the shelves that have the most "stuff" sitting there with no rhyme or reason to their display? Or maybe using one of the good ole accounting rules would work best - first in, first out! That's what I'll do - that should work perfectly. Next step is to choose an inventory category or store department and start pulling from the shelves.

I think a good place to start is in the Bath section - lots and lots of singles in the towels and shower curtains as well as the bath rugs. This should be really fun. Time to check the Inventory Reports and see which ones qualify as "orphans" - they will be the first ones to move from the shelves into the "fantastic garage sale". Then I'll move on into the things that have been here the longest and see if any should move to the blog. It should take only a day or so, and I can have them all sitting there on the pages at the blog. It's time to do it!

If I really get moving along here this afternoon I can have some of these up and ready to go! And then I can work on getting the email ready to send out to all our customers and let them know that they can visit the "fantastic garage sale" any time and reserve their choices for pick-up at the shop. What could be easier!


Anonymous said...

Karen - what a cute shop! I'll have to stop in next time I'm up your way. And I love, love, love your Web design for the store. Those architectural drawings are so fun!

Karen said...

Thanks so much laurelstreet! Those are actually the buildings on Magazine where New Orleans Custom Linens was for the last 6 years that we were in New Orleans. There was NO place like that here in Baton Rouge. But we do have the Magazine Street atmosphere!

ALL THE BEST said...

Thanks for your sweet comment!