Friday, March 20, 2009

Diagnosis by Dr. Deeds

It's official. This morning Dr. Deeds made the official diagnosis : GARDEN ENVY! Yes, it has finally come to light. I have Garden Envy and it is my next door neighbor's garden that is the culprit. I have been watching for a while now and finally just gave in to the garden envy disease.

All the while I have been saying to myself that I will have a garden and that it will be the delight of my summer. But really, YOU saw my yard in a former post. Not much to be looking at right now. Next week the pool gets drained and the work begins. I will be snapping updates of that process as we go along. But the real gem is to be the re-worked flower beds around the patio and the naturalized "back 40". It was when I was ambling through the brush that I glanced through the fencing and stopped dead in my tracks.

There - right over the fence is the garden to end all garden dreams. Already it is on its way. I am hoping that tonight over a shared bottle of wine I can convince my neighbor to let me wander her yard and take some pictures to show you next week. And if not, I am not above climbing under the fence in the dead of night for a really good look!

When first I glanced throught the chain link I couldn't believe my eyes. There it was, replete with it's own stylish picket fence and bean poles and all those quaint things that gardens love to harbor. Already, she says, there are bush beans, butter beans, corn, and a host of other plantings that immediately made my eyes glaze over as they were turing green....

There are some redeeming features about my "back 40" and the pond and playhouse are two of them.
However, the old raised garden is now no more than a fond memory. The overhanging trees have five or so more years on them and now cast such overwhelming shadows that the entire thing is in dire need of sunlight.

In the meantime, I will just have to settle for gazing out over the pond to the playhouse and knowing that there - just over the fence - is the Garden Envy culprit in full bloom!

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j-ro said...

i had no idea that pond and play house were back there!