Saturday, September 25, 2010

What's It All About?

I am happy to report that I have received a new camera and I think we are going to become great friends. I wasn't actually in the market for a camera as the one I have been using for the past few years is a great camera. It is a great camera because it is almost foolproof. I am not the sort of person who needs a camera that is complicated, has a lot of bells and whistles, or even demands some level of sophistication about light, speed, contrast or any of these things. The easier the better as far as I am concerned.
I took this new camera out into the yard to give it a spin and I think you might like to see some of the handiwork it produced. Here we go:

These are some ginger flowers from plants that a friend gave me many years ago. They have the most wonderful scent and when I cut them and bring them inside the entire house is awash in their perfume. 

This is another picture of plants in the "back 40" that were blooming only a few weeks ago. This is the flower spike of one of the Yucca plants. They are so very dramatic and I always try to find a way to bring them indoors, but the spikes are so huge and heavy that I have nothing that can support their weight. So, we have to enjoy them on the patio instead of in the house. 

I will be using the camera in the next few days to chronicle some of the changes that are occurring around here and around the blog. Now that the store is no longer in existence, I have the time to let my imagination run wild. I have rediscovered a long-time interest in cooking and food. I have been testing recipes for one of the food blogs and that has been a great adventure. I took some time to participate in an e-course that was truly remarkable while being just plain fun. It is called Across Mediums and is the work of Kate Swoboda. You can read about her e-courses and visit her website here. I will post about this later and show you some of the wonderful things that were my results of our subject studies. 

I am beginning a project that will involve a new blog and a spinoff cookbook and I will be writing about that as well. As soon as I have mastered the new format for the blog I will post a link so that you can catch up with me there also. I am designing a website that will work in conjunction with the blog and that is going to be a large undertaking. I am hopeful that this will all be up and working before we all become caught up in the holidays and all the celebrating that we will be doing. There will be much going on and I hope that you will join me in seeing where this next Everyday Special adventure takes us.

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