Tuesday, April 6, 2010

April Showers

I am thinking that May will be full of bloom as today the clouds are gray and it does indeed look as if an April Shower is on the way. Of course there are other benefits to such things - a lot less pollen and seed shells will be blowing around if we do have some rain. For the last few weeks everyone's car has been a eerie shade of yellow-green as a result of the bursting forth of the oak and pecan leaves. While I love the first signs of spring, this is a bit much. And the pond has also had a strange science-fiction shade to its surface. I wonder how the fish and turtles manage to stay alive.

After my quick dash around the yard yesterday to mark the colorful comments of the plants, I decided to dedicate an entire post to the colors of early spring here in my backyard. First out the door is the wonderful pink/crimson of the petunias hanging from baskets on the back porch (or veranda as we say here in the South call them) just under the eaves for protection from the hot sun.

And then we find the brilliant blue of a pot plant snuggled under the petunias, smiling at each and every one of us as we exit the kitchen door.

The next burst of color to catch our eyes is the beautiful magenta/purple of the small bulb plants under the crape myrtles. I am not sure that I even remember what they are, but I am thinking that someone told me (most likely Dr. Deeds the planter) they were a kind of gladiola.

Right outside the gates to the yard and pond sit the beautiful young dogwoods. The flowers this year are truly wondrous - I can't remember when that pink one has been so vivid or had such large petals.

I am always amazed at the show that the azaleas put on each springtime, and this year is no exception. I believe that Pride of Mobile is the name of the ones that line both our property and most of our neighbors' lawns also. The flowers are almost a pale pink, or a pale K&B purple to those of us who still remember such things. 

In the front yard is a wild brushstroke of purple (LSU Tiger Purple?) that sweeps across the front circle and lends a really vivid and jaunty character to the front of the property.

It also makes me laugh to think that a Past President of the Tulane Alumni Association has LSU colors running wild all over her yard! The yellow of the Forsythia, Iris and Marguerites are the perfect finish to the purple Tiger roar!


vijay said...

Hi excellent snapshots.Thanks for u,i think you are flower lover.

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