Friday, February 13, 2009

Red is for Roses.....

Red is for roses and just about everything else on Valentine's Day. Here are some ideas for you if you are still searching for that perfect "red" to highlight your celebration!

Red is always exciting on the table at breakfast, lunch, or dinner and this time of the year is certainly no exception. Here we have some suggestions as to how you can get your red fix in one easy dose. Start the day with some red napkins - cocktail napkins work any time of the day and they are just perfect for that juice tumbler or coffee mug.

To add some spice, think about red salt and pepper shakers - small enough for a tray or a grand table, and cute enough to bring a smile to anyone's place!

These are especially clever and fun - a little dash of spice and color! They are made by the company named Glass Act located in Santa Maria, California. According to Bernadette Tellefson, whom I met in New York at the New York International Gift Fair a few years ago, Glass Act uses a technique called lampworking to make each of these glass shakers. Glass Act has been creating these for over 35 years now, and they were the first to make the hand-blown screw cap bottles. Aren't we all glad that they did!!

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