Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Time to get back to work!

Good-bye Mardi Gras, parades, masks, beads, King Cake (especially King Cake), floats, flambeau, crazy dancing in the streets, fabulous gowns, Milk Punch at midnight, and all that jazz. Yep, its time to get back down to business. Well, almost.

Before we do that, it's time to think about Spring and what that really means. Flowers, pastel colors, really really green grass, billowy clouds, and TAX TIME! It's really time to get busy on that inventory I've been attacking for the last 2 weeks. Time to get Quickbooks to wrap up the year. Time to toss out the old "stuff" and make room for the new, exciting things to put on the shelves.

And better than all that - it's time to start working on the websites. Now that the new site for New Orleans Custom Linens is up it's time to start working on the others and get them all up to speed. If only there were more time in each day - but really, I wouldn't be any further along I am sure. There are just too many distractions all around. So for now, --- time to get back to work!

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