Monday, December 15, 2008

Right Here in Baton Rouge

Who would believe that this is Baton Rouge 2008! If only for a day - or a part of a day - we had our winter wonderland.

Last Thursday we all woke to find our city blanketed in a white, snowy cover. Of course we all ran out with our cameras to capture the sight before it melted. I can well remember the many mornings in Salt Lake City when I would awaken to the sounds of "snow quiet". It is amazing how quiet it becomes when snow covers the streets. You can almost hear the flakes as they swirl by the window. I don't miss the rest of the snow routine - salt in the trunk, shovels at the ready, scarves and gloves hanging by the fire to dry before we put them back on again, and the ever present ice scraper on the seat in the front of the car just in case you got blasted again while at work.

No, today was special - none of the usual snow duties, just the chance to enjoy and dance around a bit in celebration!

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