Monday, November 24, 2008

Right Next Door!

Can you imagine the fun I have knowing what is right next door, and being able to just browse and watch while they create these wonderful pieces?? I love their building (I rent my space from Jon and my building is just as wonderful in a completely different way - more later about that) and the way it translates into any time or place. It is the perfect place for a studio/showroom/gallery and we had a long battle convincing Jon to open the space to the public so that they could enjoy all of this too. The actual workshop is at the back of the building, and I will be taking a photo journey through there in a few days so that you can see how all of this comes together. For now, let's just enjoy what's up front!!

I can't imagine any home that couldn't use one of these great pieces! I am fascinated at the process that creates this finished product. And it is absolutely amazing to see bits and pieces of wood and plaster come together in such a beautiful way. I have my eye on one of these with the fleur de lis!

If ever I needed or wanted a mantle this would be the place to hunt and search. They are massive and at the same time delicate in their detail. These are just perfect for a study/library, family room, or formal living space. And one in the bedroom? Oh, yes! Jon and his crew work with architects and builders during the design process so that what the owners see is the perfect piece in the perfect place. Many homeowners who have been bitten by the renovation bug come to Jon before they begin the destruction/construction process so that they can incorporate one of these works into the final plan.

I am considering an over the cook-top pot rack for myself. I have been wanting one for a long time now, and with Jon next door, I have no excuses left for not starting the project. That will be another series of blogs I am sure!

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