Sunday, October 17, 2010

Getting Ready to Move

I never really thought too much about "moving" blogs or websites or even moving ideas and concepts into the "real deal." But now it is almost time and I am having second thoughts about all it will take to get this done. Second thoughts is really misleading as I haven't even had the first thoughts about some of the things involved in this massive undertaking. When I checked to see what I needed to do I discovered that I have four websites and about thirteen blogs that have to be coordinated so that they will all interlink and the information contained in one of them can be accessed from all the others. Of course I didn't think about any of that - I am lucky if I can concentrate on one thing at a time on a boring day.

 "You are driving me to distraction," isn't just a cute saying that your Mom used to mutter when  the kids were running around playing tag through the kitchen while she tried to cook dinner. Nope, she was on to something for sure. And my own children would tell me when I would say  they were driving me crazy, "It's NOT a long ride, Mom."  I am finding out  just how short a trip it is!

I seem to have a problem concentrating on one thing at a time. It is as if my mind lives in an appliance store that it is full of televisions all going at full blast. I do have a "clicker" but strangely enough it doesn't do a thing to turn down volumes or change channels or turn them off. So, I just jump from one screen to the next,  falling into whatever drama is playing on that set. That is what goes on in my head and it is what drives my thoughts and actions. And like the kids said - the trip to "crazy" isn't long especially when when I am driving in "distracted" gear. 

Can you even imagine what happens in the kitchen of The Distracted Cook?

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