Monday, September 15, 2008

Back to Work

It seems weeks since we were here at the store - and it has been! We closed the door on Friday, August 29th and this morning hung out the Open sign again. It has been an up and down ride for sure - first Gustav roared through suspending all power, phones, and cable internet. After 8 days of no services we were ready to head back. That is when Ike decided to pay a visit. So here we are - finally - back up and running again. The city is still in a state of distress as piles and piles of trees stand at attention down all boulevards and lanes. Some of the areas still have no power and won't have until a few more weeks. This is such a difference from Katrina though that I am really considering myself lucky and happy to be able to be open in just two weeks. Our streets are not filled with water, there are no high water marks on all the houses and buildings, and almost everyone has a house in working order. True, there are holes in the roof and porches knocked sideways for some of us, but it is nothing on the order of a Katrina recovery.
So, for now, it is putting back all the things that we safely stored and trying to remember what it is that we were doing. Nothing like a few days away to give you a new perspective on everything!

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