Sunday, August 10, 2008

Fifth Avenue and Beyond

Yes, it is time to scramble to the airport while still jamming last minute notes into my bag, and head for Manhattan and Fifth Avenue. The last of the summer markets is about to happen, and this is the one we all plan to attend, even if we have to cancel at the very last minute! Just thinking about all the things that are possible is enough to cause a mild burst of visual overdose.

This time next week I will have been through the Javits Center at least once, and will be visiting the Piers to see what new and exciting things there await our attention. It is like a bazaar, a huge flea market, an organized garage sale, and Christmas morning under the tree all rolled into one time and space. Trying to sort through all the thousands and thousands of exhibits can cause mental meltdown and necessitate a stop at the nearest Starbucks for mega-doses of pure caffeine. And then it's back to work. This time I will be attempting to resource new lines and entire categories of items to fill the shelves of the store for the upcoming Fall Football Frenzy that just goes and goes until we cry Uncle at Christmas time. Shopping for a store located in Baton Rouge, Louisiana is still somewhat of a mysterious process. I have yet to figure out the universal appeal of some things that do quite well here. They all seem to be those things that were absolutely ignored and passed up by shoppers in the store in New Orleans. Now, I know that the perspective of the generic shopper of each area is quite different, but I would have expected that there would be some overlap. Perhaps I need to rethink this entire process - again!

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