Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Travels to Market

Tomorrow morning the car leaves for Dallas and the twice-yearly trip to market. It is here that we fill the shelves with all the new items for the holidays, get an advance look at what will be seen in shelter magazines for Fall, and sometimes have the opportunity to visit with celebrity designers and business moguls who are at the Dallas Market Center. It is an exciting time to be sure, and almost always full of neat surprises. Just yesterday I watched a video in which a designer for one of the national showrooms was elaborating on the colors that will be BIG this Fall and Winter. Guess what? We are already there!! Black and White is the pick of the Global Views showroom team for the really big colors for the season. That is good news for us because we are already using our black and white as many ways as we can. So now it will be a priority to find the really hot "accent shots" to use with our things to bring some excitement to our tables and rooms and to generate some energy into the gatherings that we attend.

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