Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Placemats and Napkins

There are many possibilities from which to choose when we start with black or white for our placemats at the table. Black can be the perfect background for colorful chinaware or a stark contrast for white. When you add napkins you can either stay with the same color choice or introduce another color. For now, we will stay with the black and white and introduce color with other tabletop elements. Among our choices of mats are a beautiful black passamenterie, a black linen with rings stitched along the edge to create interest, a cotton off-white with black applique along the hemlines, and a casual black straw mat.

The napkins can be either formal or playful, depending on what statement we will be making when the diners approach the table. Here is a nice variety from which to choose, some making a bold statement with pattern, others with adornment such as the rings along the edges or the contrast stitching.
The fabrics from which the mats and napkins are constructed also adds to the total design of the tabletop. A soft, drapable linen damask will sit differently than a starched cotton or cotton blend. If we are using napkin rings or holders that will also be a determining factor on our choice. We can also elect to fold the napkins using one of the creative and fun folding techniques that are popular today. Entire books have been written about the art of the napkin fold, and we will investigate a few of them later in our project.
Having always loved the look of the passamenterie placemats, I will use them as the first element of our design. With this as our "jumping off" point, we can't help but have a good time before and during our dinner!!

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